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How to market your YES business from someone who hated Social Media

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My favourite Facebook campaign was Startup Weekend! Check it out as an example @TaurangaStartUpWeekend My favourite Facebook campaign was Startup Weekend! Check it out as an example @TaurangaStartUpWeekend

I literally never used to post on social media... I couldn’t be bothered planning out what to post, I hated #hashtags, didn’t understand how to use emojis, and thought it was only for attention seekers… it seemed marketing just wasn’t my forte. It was only until I was asked to do the social media for projects and events at my current job that I realized how easy and how fun it can be. I only wish that I had figured that out before I completed I took part in the Young Enterprise Scheme. But here are some tips so you can get posting on your #YES journey!

You don’t have to be a social media guru to create an Instagram or Facebook and name it after your YES Business. Just by doing that, you can start building your followers first through your friends, and then beyond that once you’ve got content. These things, especially creating a business brand, can take time. So you have to get on it quick, not wait for your marketing plan to ensure its “perfect” and planned.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder — wait no, maybe not Tinder… but there are a BUNCH of platforms out there and more is not better in this case. Here’s a quick guide to what each platform is good for:
Facebook: Type of content: Informative, community-focused, event focused.  
Market: Generally for (but not exclusive to) the older generation, parents especially.
Recommend to all YES teams but especially effective if: your business has a clear social impact, or target market is parents.
Instagram: Type of content: Visual (duh, but be prepared to do some design work if you can’t take photos of your product and day-to-day work every week).
Market: Younger generation, other business (if you’re a B2B)
Recommend use if: your business is easily made visual and targeted towards teens to those in their 30’s.
Twitter: Type of content: Real-time tweets. Users tend to be hot and cold with their content; lots one day and not so much the other.
Market: Business-focused rather than personal.
Recommend use if: you already have a twitter account and are familiar with how it works. Otherwise, you’re wasting energy.

Personally, Facebook and Instagram are a great way to go and you can definitely link up the accounts to minimize the amount of time it takes to post. Just remember to add a bit more information when Facebooking, and have some captivating images for Instagram.

All your content should match your target market (duh) but what I mean by this is; clearly define your target market not just by gender and age, but also by what they like. For example, those who like to do yoga also like smoothies so you can post content beyond just the product or services you sell and still hook them in. Think big, think bold! 

How often should you be posting for the most traction and engagement? Well, it changes for each platform but based off research and personal experience Facebook is 3-4 times a week and Instagram is daily. (I know that seems like a lot but keep reading to see how you can minimize the amount of effort per post!)

Being a busy high school student, you do not have time to sink hours into your marketing for your YES company, committed or no. But if you spend a few periods planning out your content on a content calendar, then you can save a lot of time and get posts done weeks in advance. Here is some possible content that you can use:
- Stories about your journey, team, business idea, business process, sustainability factors, and surveys
- Product or event promotion. Let people know where you are selling two weeks in advance. (Don’t just post about what you’re selling, people want to know more about you!) 

And some filler content for those lazy days...
- Facts in relation to your product or quotes
- Puns, memes, or gifs in relation to your product (or something you and your team found funny)
- Share other businesses posts

I thought that hashtags existed to annoy me. It seemed it was all #this #that #norelationwhatsoever... and that is the case for some posts, but mostly hashtags are a great way to CC: collaborate and categorize. What I mean by this is that if you are posting about, say the Little Big Markets; by using #littlebigmarkets, stall owners can collaborate and create a lot of noise about the event drawing more people over. Also, customers can easily research for #smoothies and find you. To me, it is really just a categorizing system; it makes it easier to find information.  And emojis are just great to add a little visual aesthetic. It can also be useful to separate text and as bullet points in posts... just don't overdo it. Finally, canva is a great way to make your images pop! It is the easiest photoshop tool to use to create infographics or just add some flair to your posts. 

The best part about the internet is how easy it is to collaborate and as a result, boost your own likes and follows. Tag other businesses, people, and MADVentures into your posts so that more people see it! And make sure you give back too and share something of theirs.

Learn as you go and have fun while doing it! These tips won’t mean a thing unless you get started and find out what works for you! You can only get better! My first month or so doing social media, I didn’t do very well but at least word was getting out there. It’s better than not posting at all! The best campaigns I did were the ones where I understood what I was posting about and had a passion for it. Make sure you do too!

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