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Let's get coding

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Alvin with some of the kids who took part in coding sessions over summer. Alvin with some of the kids who took part in coding sessions over summer.

Many of you will know there are heaps of opportunities across the region for our kids to learn to code. From Code Clubs in local libraries and a few schools, to Venture Centre’s Codebrite and coding taster sessions in school holidays. We’re stoked the next generation are being given so many chances to learn this great life skill which will carry them into the future.

What you may not realise is that many of these sessions wouldn’t exist were it not for the team of passionate mentors behind them, many of whom are volunteers.

We’re always excited to welcome new mentors to share their knowledge and support our kids to learn how to code, so had a chat to Alvin Gounder. He started out volunteering with Code Clubs at Tauranga Library and at Avonmore (where he was a student), and has been working with kids at Codebrite for a while, so we asked him why he does it and why you should too!

“I do it because it gives me the chance to see kids learn and achieve more than I ever could at their age,” he says. “Doing it also helps me. The questions they ask sometimes helps me learn new things or discover new ways of doing things.”

He says anyone can help at Codebrite, but there are a few skills you’ll need.

“You need to be willing to be a person that people, especially kids, enjoy being around. You also need to feel comfortable talking to them about technology and coding.”

He says empathy is also important.

“Being present and able to see things from a beginner's perspective and explaining things in an easy to understand manner goes a long way towards helping the kids grasp things.”

So if you love technology and coding as much as we do, and you are excited about equipping our youth with the skills they need to survive in our ever-changing world of work, get in touch with us. Alvin says you’ll benefit from the experience as much as your students will.

“The thing I love best is that I get to meet loads of passionate people who are as into technology as I am - both mentors AND students.”


- If you want to be part of the action, click here to email us and outline your skills/knowledge. We can then partner with you to discover the opportunity which you find fits you best.

- If you want to know more about Code Club Aotearoa, click here to listen to an interview with its founder, Michael Trengrove, which aired on Radio New Zealand earlier this month.

- Venture Centre works to connect people on enterprising journeys - with each other and the mindset, skillset, toolsets, networks and resources they need - to build an ecosystem that delivers real-world, learn-by-doing events, activities, projects and experiences, and more... This would not be possible without the support of Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District councils. 

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