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Take your idea to the world!

Written by VC Team

Is your business idea the next Cookie Time?

It’s 2018 and here comes another Mashup! With your idea, a great team, and supporting mentors and judges, Mashup gives you the opportunity to launch your entrepreneurial journey!

And this year Venture Centre, who is organising Mashup, is taking it one step further by offering one lucky student a scholarship valued at $2500 to go to Japan through Let’s Homestay’s Cultural Japan Experience!   

Apply for the Scholarship here!

The scholarship winner will get the chance to hear from one of Japan’s Cookie Time Managers’; Jason, about how a New Zealand business made its way across the ocean to the Japanese market.

Immersed in the country’s language and culture, you will learn how business differs in Japan and how you, as a New Zealand entrepreneur,  can make a huge impact in not only the nation, but the world!

So start here and start now at Mashup 2018, your chance to launch your entrepreneurial journey! 

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