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MADVentures is where young entrepreneurs meet and start to Make A Dent. It provides events and experiences, creates a safe space for ideas and fosters positive relationships. It exists to equip the next generation with the necessary skills, tools, mindset and connections to change the world.


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Tech savvy

You don’t just use the tech tools, you bring them to life! Exposed to tech since forever, you want to make a dent and save the world, you explore a variety of ideas, are open to learning about everything and have high expectation of yourself and of the world around you.


You believe it’s not too early to flex your entrepreneurial muscles, and access opportunities and experiences to develop them! You think deeply about things, you explore, and see fail as first attempt in learning. You want to learn by doing as you want context to set your goals and take responsibilities.

Make A Dent

You see tech has levelled the playing field, opening up remarkable opportunities for you. You are the change: as for many new digital entrepreneurs your primary objective is to make a dent, improve the world, rather than your own bank balance.

Community learning

Support the next generation of entrepreneurs grow. Want to help them pursue their aspirations? Consider mentoring!


Community venues

Learning happens when doors open. Do you have venue to open for community learning? Library, school, hall, community centre, coworking space?


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"
Peter Drucker


MADVentures is a curated suite of programmes, events, and workshops designed by Venture Centre to support the digital and entrepreneurial capability of young people. It exists to inspire and equip them with the skills, tools, mindset and connections they need to make a dent in the universe.


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